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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Florida Tbc

Health Department officials in Lee County confirmed a case of tuberculosis in a student at Edison State College late Wednesday night.
College spokeswoman Catherine Bergerson said the school is working with the health department to notify all 46 people believed to have come in close contact with the student at Edison’s Lee County campus: four faculty members and 42 students. All 46 people have been asked to take a tuberculosis test, which will be administered by health department officials at Edison early next week.
Lee County Health Department spokeswoman Jennifer James-Mesloh said her office does not have any information on where the student picked up the illness, but said it is usually shared by people who come in close contact. No other details on the student, including her condition, were available Thursday.
"The people that are going to be tested are going to be classmates of the student," she said. "The whole entire Edison campus doesn't need to think they need to be tested. It doesn't mean if you pass someone in the hallway you're going to get it."
The most recent statistics for tuberculosis in Lee County are from 2008, when 32 people had confirmed cases of tuberculosis. That is consistent with the rest of the state, James-Mesloh said.

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